Surgical Supplies

Welcome to MedPlace!

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Welcome to our medical supplies and medical equipment store where you can buy medical devices and supplies for hospital, clinical, laboratory, and other settings.

AWH recovers this surplus hospital product to sell the surplus supplies at a discount to support cheaper healthcare for impoverished populations around the world. Most of this product is donated to us, but sometimes we buy and sell or resell these products to provide greater access to our partners.

This commerce page is intended to provide free clinics, hospitals international organizations, and other non-profit organizations with comprehensive access to medical products that will support their causes. Among our product range, you will find cheap medical products including surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, pre-owned lab equipment, first aid supplies, durable equipment, and more. We supply hospitals, clinics, and not for profits with hospital equipment used in hospital labs as well as clinics, emergency rooms, operating rooms, and even research studies.

If you have any specific requests or greater demands, we prefer that you submit a form with as much as information as you can provide. Thank you for working with Advocates for World Health. We look forward to traveling this journey with you.